The term “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last” was first coined by the iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and has since come to represent a growing movement, where considering what you buy and the story behind your purchase is just as important as the purchase itself.

Slow Fashion promotes a considered approach to consumption where a focus on quality and the ethics involved with the production of a garment are at the forefront and where products are not developed at the expense of the welfare of people and the planet. 

If we want clothes to last, they need to be made from durable materials.

It may not always be the case that expensive brands equate to good quality, but usually spending £10 on a top doesn’t mean it has been made to the best standards. And comes at a cost of others, whether that is the very little wage someone receives, labour conditions or resource pollution, affecting the communities where factories are based.

Picking timeless pieces, that you can style with different elements of your wardrobe will also ensure that you get the maximum use out of a garment.

The benefit of shopping small is having more knowledge of where your clothes have come from. Generally, smaller brands. like ourselves, will be able to have greater control regarding supply chains and manufacturing practices and offer more transparency regarding their sustainability strategies. This is in Lola Starr’s DNA.

How you care for a garment accounts for around 30 per cent of a garment’s total carbon footprint. Actions such as energy efficient washing at 30 degrees, washing clothes less and air drying will all extend the lifetime of your clothes and reduce their carbon impact.

It isn't about quitting shopping altogether. Instead, it's about making informed choices regarding the brands you support and their values. By lovingly caring for your clothes and adopting sustainable practices, you can make a positive impact on the environment while still enjoying fashion. Rewear, Repair, Share and Care.

In this picture I’m wearing:

Lola Starr favourite black leggings (obvs)!

Ralph Lauren Men’s white shirt (husbands)

Reiss Blazer my most recent purchase

Vivienne Westwood high tops (3 years old)

Kate x

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