• Kate Hill - Lola Starr
Hi, I'm Kate, the creator behind Lola Starr, a conscious activewear brand.
Lola Starr made its debut in 2018 with a unique piece, the 365-day dress. My mission revolves around offering customers meticulously crafted, durable garments that prioritise quality and sustainability. Specialising in premium, eco-friendly clothing, all our pieces are carefully made right here in the UK, aligning with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.
With nearly three decades of experience in manufacturing, sewing, and design, I am deeply passionate about producing my designs locally in the UK. My journey began at the age of 16, working in a Liverpool factory for 11 years, where my appreciation for supporting the British textile industry took root and flourished over the years.
Children’s Lines - 365-day dress. With a signature modular fashion approach, ensures that each Lola Starr garment offers not only timeless style but also adaptability to the changing seasons. Our unique children’s dresses; designed with additional sleeves to accommodate growth spurts. With detachable and reversible elements, allowing for easy adjustments to suit evolving needs, seasonal versatility and occasions. Importantly, every item in our collection is proudly designed and manufactured locally, minimising our carbon footprint.
Activewear 2021 – We launched our very first collection of Activewear in SS21 celebrating with a large group of us, climbing Moel Famau, while raising money for Cash4Kids charity. However, last year recognising the evolving landscape of our brand, I made the decision to transition Lola Starr away from children's wear and focus exclusively on adult and junior activewear, a move that aligns with the future of the brand. As part of this transition, we revamped our website, bidding farewell to our children's lines.
"However, these modular designs are very special to me and the brand and will never say never on possibly making an appearance again one day"!
My dream is to create long-lasting pieces for conscious customers like you and me. I am on a big learning journey to source the most ethical and sustainable ways to create my collections. I will always do my best to create garments that are the solution, not the problem.
‘If I was going to make a product, it had to be worth it” Kate.


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