Leggings can be used for a whole load of occasions: season-wise, for lounging, training, yoga, work, a night out, you name it, they are a perfect wardrobe foundation. So, if you are here and still don’t understand why our love for Lola Starr leggings is so big, let me give a few checkpoints and see if you can find yourself in there:

  1.  Quality

Pay attention to detail and quality, stitching is so Important, we use "flat lock stitching" for both durability and a smooth feel, especially when putting the fabrics under pressure. We use Eco-friendly, high quality recycled materials for our active wear range. Our choice of yarn; ECONYL® regenerated nylon, all fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified and performance-tested, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals and fit for human use. Remember without quality, you can't expect a product to last – we’ve all heard that saying, buy cheap but twice.

Lola Starr

  1.  They complement your body figure

Confidence is key. Designed to skim the body and create a second skin quality. Lola Starr’s technical leggings, with a high waist, are designed to shape, support and enhanced your silhouette. Soft on the skin, compact and breathable, making it an ideal choice for all workout activities or leisure. Everyone is beautiful and special in their own way and our leggings are there to assure you that. Lola Starr leggings are engineered to provide the ultimate comfort; thick, high waisted, with a slight compression that pulls you in, in the right places and lightweight enough to be comfortable. There will be no need to yank these leggings up every time you stand up!

Lola Starr


They are comfortable every time.

Do you know why leggings are perfect for every occasion? Because leggings are made with stretchy, comfortable, and breathable materials (ours being high quality recycled – sweat-wicking materials) and design, so that makes it feel like a second skin, while still looking fabulous and feeling confident. Super thick, sweat-wicking, stretchy fabric with high waistband provides a very flattering silhouette.

Additionally, they are so soft and flexible as you can move around freely without any fear of ripping the seams. For yoga and working out, flexibility and strong stitching is important, for both durability and a smooth feel.

Lola Starr yoga


You have the freedom to eat

I don’t know about you, but I love food! Especially when it’s the time of the month and we can feel extra bloated-ness, high waisted leggings will always help. And make you feel that bit more secure and comfortable. Plus, black can hide a multitude of sins. With a slight compression, these leggings will always support you and never let you down.


Winner of mix & match

Activewear should work with your lifestyle. Sometimes, going back to the basics is best—and what is more foundational in a wardrobe than a sleek pair of black leggings? Like any wardrobe classics, there are more ways than one to style the staple look, be it with a perfect pump, stylish trainers, your favourite hoodie, white t-shirt, blazer the looks are endless. These days, the best black leggings strike a balance between loungewear to workwear – Athleisure.

Lola Starr girls

Our leggings are made up of 19 panel pieces, they are figure sculpting, high waited and 100% pass the squat test. They are functional leggings that work for you, look good, feel great.

Remember, great leggings are like best friends. You should be able to count on them to make you feel comfortable in every moment and situation, no matter what type of body you have.

Kate x

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