Let’s talk about crotch gussets!

Is a crotch gusset important to you when shopping for leggings? Yes, a gusset strengthens the crotch of pants by redistributing the stress on a seam so there are no longer 4 seams coming together right at a point that sustains a lot of movement.

What is a crotch gusset?

A crotch gusset is a triangle patch of fabric that is sewn in where the leg inseams and the front and back seams all meet together at the crotch.

Our functional leggings are made from 19 pattern pieces.
This is why there’re not just a pair of leggings.

Every woman knows the importance of a great pair of legging’s, right?
Well here’s some more tips on what to look for when deciding which are the best fitness leggings.
  • Are the leggings well-fitting (no crinkly knees or baggy bums), and do they run true to size?
  • Are they sweat-wicking?
  • Are they Opaque (non-see-through)?
  • Are they supportive and do they offer compression?
  • Is the material prone to bobbling or piling?
  • How well do the leggings retain their structure over time, and did they wash well?
  • Do they have a crotch gusset? 

1. Sweat-wicking

FYI, it’s worth going for a pair of gym leggings that are sweat-wicking. One easy way to test this? Place a drop of water 💦 on the material and see how fast it absorbs it. Workout leggings should be designed to absorb moisture, after all – you’ll notice it mid HIIT class if they aren’t.

2. Non-see-through

Next up: make sure they’re not see-through. Sure, easier said than done, but I’d always recommend going into the store or ordering online and then doing a series of squat tests in the mirror to confirm they are, in fact, enough cover with the squat test! 😄


3. Supportive

Because no one likes a legging that doesn’t hold you in, right? Making sure your leggings are just the right amount of support – that is, makes you feel invincible but also doesn’t cut you in half – is a fine art. 👌


4. Flattering and functional

It’s all well and good if a pair look great, but if they roll down mid-spin class, crinkle around your knees, or fail to sweat-wick, 😬 you’ll likely to throw them in the back of your wardrobe and not wear them again.

Similarly, if leggings cut you off at the wrong point or you don’t feel you look good in them, you’ll likely not wear them all too often. Opt for a design that’s both flattering and functional.

5 Designed for working out

And finally, do check the fabric pre-investing – cotton leggings won’t make the cut here. You’ll want to opt for leggings made from fabrics like nylon or polyester as they sweat-wick better. Recycled nylon or polyester is a more eco friendly choice ♻️

Similarly, you’ll want to check the seams are as flat as possible to avoid any chafing and that there’s a gusset – aka a bit of material covering your crotch – sewn in, again to minimise and reduce any movement or thigh chafe.

6. The all important crotch gusset

This humble piece of fabric helps eliminate the dreaded camel toe because it positions seams further away from the crotch region and provides a flat layer that smooths out contours in that area, a ‘camel camel toe’ is never a good look, whatever the season! 🐪
A gusset strengthens the crotch of pants by redistributing the stress on a seam so there are no longer 4 seams coming together right at a point that sustains a lot of movement. This is especially important when using leggings as active wear.

Our leggings tick all of the above and come in a variety of colours to suit you.

Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes. Vivienne Westwood

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